The Stack

Tools powering this website.

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This page details the tools powering this website.

The pages are statically rendered to HTML by Astro. All the page layouts are built in vanilla HTML, minimal React, and styled by Pico CSS. All pages use the variable sans-serif font Assistant.

All content is written in extended markdown via MDX, with various lifestyle extensions from Remark and Rehype. Math is rendered via KaTeX. Code highlighting is done using Shiki. Images are hosted on Imgur.

Continuous integration is supported by Github Actions. Website is deployed on Cloudflare Pages. Uptime is monitored via UptimeRobot. Domain registrar is Namecheap. Nameservers are hosted on Cloudflare.

Search is powered by Pagefind. Minimal analytics are powered by GoatCounter. Comments are powered by Gisqus.