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Jun 19, 2020Last updated: Jun 20, 2021

This page details the tools powering this website.

The pages are generated by Next.js which abstracts away the build process for me. All the page layouts are built in React, styled by Tailwind CSS. The serif font used for headings is Lora. All other content uses sans-serif font Open Sans.

All content is written in extended markdown via MDX and Remark. Math is rendered via KaTeX, and I've written some custom plugins for other tiny utilities. Some images are hosted on Imgur.

The website is deployed on Vercel and the domain registrar is Namecheap. Simple and private analytics are powered by GoatCounter. Uptime is monitored via UptimeRobot. is used occasionally for URL aliases. The nameservers are hosted on Cloudflare.

The complete source is available on Github.

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