Textbooks on Various Subjects

Textbooks to learn various technical topics in literature.
Jun 7, 2020Last updated: Mar 16, 2023

Well-written textbooks (or even theses) are the fastest way to learn technical topics that have achieved critical mass. Inspired by a similarly titled post, I have my own evolving list.

While I have not read most books cover to cover, I have consistently referred back to more than a few chapters of relevance. I am convinced that the rest of the book is worth reading. Often, multiple books cater to overlapping topics, and provide complementary strengths to aid understanding. When multiple books are specified within each (sub-)section, it is safe to assume that as a "soft" recommendation order.

General Mathematics


Differential Equations


So You Want to Study Mathematics… has a starter list for some core topics in mathematics.

Mathematics books that are perfect as introductions to a particular field/topic just for their writing. from r/math.

Ask HN: Math books that made you significantly better at math? from HN.

Linear Algebra

Numerical Methods

Machine Learning

Bayesian Inference

Learning Theory


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