Tax Filing

Why is tax filing so hard?
Jul 5, 2020Last updated: Jul 5, 2020

  • Why is it so hard to file taxes?
  • Why should I be the one itemizing my tax returns when sufficient details from each of my employers are being surfaced to the government? Say IRS in the US or the IT Dept. in India.
    • Want to change your filing status? File an update everytime you have a filing status.
    • Want to claim dependents? File a list of dependents every year by a deadline.
    • Want to claim deductions? Well, eligibility this should already be in the tax code. If not, file an update with the government.
    • Any other special circumstances? File for informational update in the same form as all the previous provisions.
    • In the case of no response, you default to the lowest common denominator for each provision in the tax code or default to your previous year's selection.
  • What legacy circumstances have caused this friction in the process that I have to spend DAYS filing my tax return?

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