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Aug 6, 2020Last updated: May 26, 2023

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Mathematics is the language of nature. Or at least the best thing that humans have at disposal to understand nature. This is a collection of posts around computer science, machine learning, reinforcement learning and other research-y topics I am involved in.

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Nov 2023Machine Learning literature🧮 math
Aug 2023Topics in Bayesian Machine Learning🧮 math
Aug 2023The Gaussian Cheatsheet🧮 math
Aug 2023Diffusion Models🧮 math
Jul 2023Hypothesis Testing🧮 math
Jun 2023Cross-Entropy, Label Smoothing, and Focal Loss🧮 math
Jun 2023Differential Entropy🧮 math
May 2023Higher-order gradients in PyTorch, Parallelized🧮 math
May 2023Notes on OOD Generalization🧮 math
May 2023Raw notes on Interpretable Machine Learning🧮 math
May 2023Gradient Boosted Decision Trees: A Recap🧮 math
May 2023Decision Theory🧮 math
May 2023Beyond Bayes🧮 math
May 2023Mathematics Overview🧮 math
Dec 2022Topics in Numerical Analysis🧮 math
Apr 2022Machine Learning courses🧮 math
Dec 2020The Gibbs distribution and general Bayes🧮 math
Nov 2020Why is Bayesian inference hard?🧮 math
Sep 2020Orthogonal projectors and linear regression🧮 math
Aug 2020Discovering Taylor series the hard way🧮 math
Aug 2020Linear Algebra Done Right🧮 math
Aug 2020ML Fragments🧮 math
Jul 2020An Introduction to Epipolar Geometry🧮 math
Jul 2020RL: Tricks of the Trade🧮 math
Feb 2020Deriving the Cross Entropy Method🧮 math
Mar 2019The Stein Gradient🧮 math
May 2018Policy Gradients in a Nutshell🧮 math
Feb 2018When does SGD work well?🧮 math
Dec 2017The beauty of Bayesian Learning🧮 math
Oct 2017Visualizing the Confusion Matrix🧮 math
Oct 2017The magic of Automatic Differentiation🧮 math
Jul 2017A Primer on Projective Geometry🧮 math
Jun 2017Introduction to RANSAC🧮 math

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