My Wine Map

A collection of ratings and notes on the world map.
Aug 18, 2020Last updated: May 9, 2021

At some point in the past, I was regularly tasting wines from across the world. Vivino was where I tracked everything. On top of this, I manually curated the lat/long values of each of the producing wineries. It is a collection of a little over a hundred unique wines. Hopefully, I can continue building this repository in the future.

I've visualized all data on the world map at It looks something like this.

Snapshot of
Snapshot of

The code and data is available at activatedgeek/wine-map licensed under Apache 2.0.


Here are a few books that I often refer to for casual academic excursion.

The Indian Wine Scene

After having been an enthusiast and a so-called oenophile for a while, I've realized I don't know much about the Indian wine ecosystem. I'm collecting some stories here.


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