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A selected list of movies I recommend.

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For better or worse, I watch a lot of TV and movies. According to TMDb, I’ve seen >1000>1000 titles as of last writing.

📊 See some pretty plots on this data here.

An unintended consequence of watching too many movies is that I always try to look for the writer’s beneath-the-surface motives far too often. Sometimes it ruins the pleasure of watching a movie, but it is also fun to extract meta-lessons. May be I can distill them some day.

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I migrated away from IMDb to TMDB, a community-driven effort. I like to think of it as the Wikipedia for movies & TV. I occasionally contribute an edit or two.

For a great place to find movies, see for human-curated lists.

Movie Rating Rubrik

< 2Ridiculous; should not have been made.
2Below par in more than one of story/acting/dialogues/screenplay.
2.5Average movie; straighforward plot; nothing exciting.
3Decent movie;
3.5Good movie;
4Very good movie; at least one interesting idea or event.
4.5Very good movie; evokes conflicting emotions, either via story or screenplay.
5Excellent movie; oddballs, blows the mind, question existence.