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Mathematics Overview

Aug 6, 2020Last updated: May 12, 2021

This is the overview page for area Mathematics.

Mathematics is the language of nature. Or at least the best thing that humans have at disposal to understand nature. This is a collection of posts around computer science, machine learning, reinforcement learning and other research-y topics I am involved in.

Mar 2023Gradient Boosted Decision Trees: A Recap🔢 math
Dec 2022Topics in Numerical Analysis🔢 math
Dec 2022Machine Learning literature🔢 math
Apr 2022Machine Learning courses🔢 math
Oct 2021Elements of Learning🔢 math
Sep 2021The Gaussian Cheatsheet🔢 math
Jul 2021Topics in Bayesian Machine Learning🔢 math
May 2021Mathematics Overview🔢 math
Dec 2020The Gibbs distribution and general Bayes🔢 math
Nov 2020Why is Bayesian inference hard?🔢 math
Sep 2020Orthogonal projectors and linear regression🔢 math
Aug 2020Discovering Taylor series the hard way🔢 math
Aug 2020Linear Algebra Done Right🔢 math
Aug 2020ML Fragments🔢 math
Jul 2020An Introduction to Epipolar Geometry🔢 math
Jul 2020RL: Tricks of the Trade🔢 math
Feb 2020Deriving the Cross Entropy Method🔢 math
Mar 2019The Stein Gradient🔢 math
May 2018Policy Gradients in a Nutshell🔢 math
Feb 2018When does SGD work well?🔢 math
Dec 2017The beauty of Bayesian Learning🔢 math
Oct 2017Visualizing the Confusion Matrix🔢 math
Oct 2017The magic of Automatic Differentiation🔢 math
Jul 2017A Primer on Projective Geometry🔢 math
Jun 2017Introduction to RANSAC🔢 math

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