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Sep 2023Books🎭 cult
Sep 2023Movies and TV🎭 cult
Sep 2023Subscriptions and Services🚀 tech
Aug 2023Design Inspirations📚 ref
Aug 2023Life Maps📚 ref
Aug 2023Self Advice♾ phil
Aug 2023Topics in Bayesian Machine Learning🧮 math
Aug 2023Muscle📚 ref
Aug 2023The Gaussian Cheatsheet🧮 math
Aug 2023Data Sources📚 ref
Aug 2023Diffusion Models🧮 math
Jul 2023Machine Learning literature🧮 math
Jul 2023Products🚀 tech
Jul 2023Hypothesis Testing🧮 math
Jun 2023Questions for Self-Introspection♾ phil
Jun 2023Music🎭 cult
Jun 2023Rendering Demo⚙ meta
Jun 2023Podcasts🎭 cult
Jun 2023The Stack⚙ meta
Jun 2023Reviewing Statistics📚 ref
Jun 2023About⚙ meta
Jun 2023Cross-Entropy, Label Smoothing, and Focal Loss🧮 math
Jun 2023Differential Entropy🧮 math
May 2023Thoughtful Essayists🧑 people
May 2023Natural Sciences Overview🧬 nat
May 2023Higher-order gradients in PyTorch, Parallelized🧮 math
May 2023Notes on OOD Generalization🧮 math
May 2023Raw notes on Interpretable Machine Learning🧮 math
May 2023Gradient Boosted Decision Trees: A Recap🧮 math
May 2023Decision Theory🧮 math
May 2023Beyond Bayes🧮 math
May 2023Knowledge Base⚙ meta
May 2023Technology Overview🚀 tech
May 2023People Overview🧑 people
May 2023Society Overview🏛 soc
May 2023Meta Overview⚙ meta
May 2023Mathematics Overview🧮 math
May 2023Culture Overview🎭 cult
May 2023Laundry♾ phil
Apr 2023Books I want to write🎭 cult
Apr 2023Tiny Pleasures♾ phil
Mar 2023Mother of all Bias Models♾ phil
Mar 2023Choose🎭 cult
Mar 2023Textbooks on Various Subjects📚 ref
Mar 2023Memes for my life🎭 cult
Dec 2022Topics in Numerical Analysis🧮 math
Nov 2022Sustainable Materials of the Future🚀 tech
Sep 2022On good writing🎭 cult
Apr 2022Common Yardsticks📚 ref
Apr 2022Machine Learning courses🧮 math
Jan 2022Force Multipliers♾ phil
Jan 2022Adages, Quotes🧑 people
Jan 2022Measuring time🚀 tech
Oct 2021Elements of Learning♾ phil
Aug 2021Linguistic Relativity🧑 people
Jul 2021Science and superstition🏛 soc
Jul 2021Me and My Research♾ phil
Jul 2021Startups🏛 soc
Jul 2021LaTeX code snippets🚀 tech
Jun 2021Elements of the Knowledge Base⚙ meta
Jun 2021Periodicals🎭 cult
Jun 2021The sun and the wind🏛 soc
Jun 2021Ideological Necrophillia♾ phil
May 2021Are ideas becoming harder to find?🚀 tech
May 2021Cognitive and Experimental psychology♾ phil
May 2021Hypernormalization🏛 soc
May 2021The "Think Different" Researcher♾ phil
May 2021Philosophy Overview♾ phil
May 2021Reference Overview📚 ref
May 2021Nikolai Vavilov🧑 people
May 2021My Wine Map🎭 cult
May 2021On charity🏛 soc
May 2021Bash code snippets🚀 tech
Apr 2021Oddly satisfying Twitter accounts🎭 cult
Apr 2021Numerical code snippets🚀 tech
Mar 2021The Science of Science🚀 tech
Feb 2021The power of abstraction♾ phil
Feb 2021The absolute zero of neural networks🚀 tech
Feb 2021Intoxicated by statistics♾ phil
Feb 2021Dormant skills♾ phil
Jan 2021The CRAP Principle🎭 cult
Jan 2021Be the horse breeder🏛 soc
Jan 2021Math and beauty🏛 soc
Dec 2020The Gibbs distribution and general Bayes🧮 math
Dec 2020Existential Risks♾ phil
Nov 2020Radical Scepticism♾ phil
Nov 2020Websites🎭 cult
Nov 2020Why is Bayesian inference hard?🧮 math
Nov 2020Integraphs🚀 tech
Nov 2020Narendra Dabholkar🧑 people
Oct 2020The Lessons of History🎭 cult
Oct 2020James Randi🧑 people
Oct 2020C++ code snippets🚀 tech
Oct 2020The closest thing to binary trees in nature?🧬 nat
Sep 2020Orthogonal projectors and linear regression🧮 math
Sep 2020Stigler's law of eponymy🏛 soc
Aug 2020Discovering Taylor series the hard way🧮 math
Aug 2020The rabbit and the beaver🏛 soc
Aug 2020Python code snippets🚀 tech
Aug 2020Linear Algebra Done Right🧮 math
Aug 2020ML Fragments🧮 math
Aug 2020Schools and pedagogy🏛 soc
Aug 2020How do I read The Economist?🏛 soc
Aug 2020The Honduran Bridge🚀 tech
Aug 2020Communicating the scientific method🏛 soc
Aug 2020Cognitive fallacies♾ phil
Jul 2020Inoue Enryō🧑 people
Jul 2020The Market Competition Matrix🏛 soc
Jul 2020Statistics, Origins and People🏛 soc
Jul 2020Parkinson's Law🏛 soc
Jul 2020Institutional Short-Sightedness🏛 soc
Jul 2020Chronological dating techniques🧬 nat
Jul 2020Narcolepsy🧬 nat
Jul 2020Quantum ML Scribe🧬 nat
Jul 2020Nostalgia narratives🏛 soc
Jul 2020Lights and Shadows🧬 nat
Jul 2020Plato🧑 people
Jul 2020An Introduction to Epipolar Geometry🧮 math
Jul 2020Johnny Decimal♾ phil
Jul 2020Concepts in literature🎭 cult
Jul 2020RL: Tricks of the Trade🧮 math
Jul 2020Code snippets🚀 tech
Jul 2020Real-Life Decision Making Systems🏛 soc
Jul 2020Shape of My Heart🎭 cult
Jul 2020Cooking Recipes🎭 cult
Jul 2020World Materials📚 ref
Jul 2020Big fat list of Mental Models♾ phil
Jul 2020Inflation Tax🏛 soc
Jul 2020Concepts from economics🏛 soc
Jul 2020Development and Population response🏛 soc
Jul 2020Tax Filing🏛 soc
Jul 2020Information Types🏛 soc
Jul 2020Knowledge Base Organization Philosophy♾ phil
Feb 2020Deriving the Cross Entropy Method🧮 math
Mar 2019The Stein Gradient🧮 math
May 2018Policy Gradients in a Nutshell🧮 math
Feb 2018When does SGD work well?🧮 math
Dec 2017The beauty of Bayesian Learning🧮 math
Nov 2017PyTorch Data Loaders are abstraction done right!🚀 tech
Oct 2017Visualizing the Confusion Matrix🧮 math
Oct 2017The magic of Automatic Differentiation🧮 math
Jul 2017A Primer on Projective Geometry🧮 math
Jun 2017Introduction to RANSAC🧮 math
May 2017Nginx and dynamic DNS upstreams🚀 tech
Apr 2017Choosing the right keys🚀 tech
Nov 2016Before the Flood: A review🏛 soc
Oct 2016Setup custom email addresses🚀 tech
Apr 2016Getting started with Compose and WordPress🚀 tech
Apr 2016Building Docker Images on Travis CI🚀 tech
Feb 2016Microservices is not the solution you think🚀 tech
Jan 2016For better software delivery🚀 tech
Dec 2015The Ultimate Guide to Building Cloud Applications - Development🚀 tech
Oct 2015The Ultimate Guide to Building Cloud Applications🚀 tech

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