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Jun 23, 2021

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Mar 2023Choose🎭 cult
Mar 2023Tiny PleasuresπŸ’­ phil
Mar 2023Textbooks on Various SubjectsπŸ“š ref
Mar 2023Memes for my life🎭 cult
Mar 2023Features DemoπŸ’‘ meta
Mar 2023Gradient Boosted Decision Trees: A RecapπŸ”’ math
Jan 2023Subscriptions and ServicesπŸš€ tech
Jan 2023ProductsπŸš€ tech
Dec 2022Topics in Numerical AnalysisπŸ”’ math
Dec 2022Machine Learning literatureπŸ”’ math
Nov 2022Sustainable Materials of the FutureπŸš€ tech
Sep 2022On good writing🎭 cult
Apr 2022Common YardsticksπŸ“š ref
Apr 2022Machine Learning coursesπŸ”’ math
Feb 2022Books🎭 cult
Jan 2022Force MultipliersπŸ’­ phil
Jan 2022Books I want to write🎭 cult
Jan 2022Adages, QuotesπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Jan 2022Measuring timeπŸš€ tech
Oct 2021Elements of LearningπŸ”’ math
Sep 2021The Gaussian CheatsheetπŸ”’ math
Sep 2021Podcasts🎭 cult
Aug 2021Movies and TV🎭 cult
Aug 2021Linguistic RelativityπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Aug 2021Data SourcesπŸ“š ref
Aug 2021Music🎭 cult
Jul 2021Thoughtful EssayistsπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Jul 2021Science and superstitionπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2021Me and My ResearchπŸ’­ phil
Jul 2021StartupsπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2021Topics in Bayesian Machine LearningπŸ”’ math
Jul 2021LaTeX code snippetsπŸš€ tech
Jun 2021Knowledge BayesπŸ’‘ meta
Jun 2021Elements of the Knowledge BaseπŸ’‘ meta
Jun 2021Periodicals🎭 cult
Jun 2021The sun and the windπŸ›οΈ soc
Jun 2021The StackπŸ’‘ meta
Jun 2021People OverviewπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Jun 2021Ideological NecrophilliaπŸ’­ phil
May 2021Are ideas becoming harder to find?πŸš€ tech
May 2021Cognitive and Experimental psychologyπŸ’­ phil
May 2021HypernormalizationπŸ›οΈ soc
May 2021The "Think Different" ResearcherπŸ’­ phil
May 2021Mathematics OverviewπŸ”’ math
May 2021Culture Overview🎭 cult
May 2021Natural sciences OverviewπŸƒ nat
May 2021Meta OverviewπŸ’‘ meta
May 2021Philosophy OverviewπŸ’­ phil
May 2021Reference OverviewπŸ“š ref
May 2021Technology OverviewπŸš€ tech
May 2021Society OverviewπŸ›οΈ soc
May 2021Nikolai VavilovπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
May 2021My Wine Map🎭 cult
May 2021On charityπŸ›οΈ soc
May 2021Bash code snippetsπŸš€ tech
Apr 2021Oddly satisfying Twitter accounts🎭 cult
Apr 2021Numerical code snippetsπŸš€ tech
Mar 2021The Science of ScienceπŸš€ tech
Feb 2021The power of abstractionπŸ’­ phil
Feb 2021The absolute zero of neural networksπŸš€ tech
Feb 2021Intoxicated by statisticsπŸ’­ phil
Feb 2021Dormant skillsπŸ’­ phil
Jan 2021The CRAP Principle🎭 cult
Jan 2021Be the horse breederπŸ›οΈ soc
Jan 2021Math and beautyπŸ›οΈ soc
Dec 2020The Gibbs distribution and general BayesπŸ”’ math
Dec 2020Existential RisksπŸ’­ phil
Nov 2020Radical ScepticismπŸ’­ phil
Nov 2020Websites🎭 cult
Nov 2020Why is Bayesian inference hard?πŸ”’ math
Nov 2020IntegraphsπŸš€ tech
Nov 2020Narendra DabholkarπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Oct 2020The Lessons of History🎭 cult
Oct 2020James RandiπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Oct 2020C++ code snippetsπŸš€ tech
Oct 2020The closest thing to binary trees in nature?πŸƒ nat
Sep 2020Orthogonal projectors and linear regressionπŸ”’ math
Sep 2020Stigler's law of eponymyπŸ›οΈ soc
Aug 2020Discovering Taylor series the hard wayπŸ”’ math
Aug 2020The rabbit and the beaverπŸ›οΈ soc
Aug 2020Python code snippetsπŸš€ tech
Aug 2020Linear Algebra Done RightπŸ”’ math
Aug 2020ML FragmentsπŸ”’ math
Aug 2020Schools and pedagogyπŸ›οΈ soc
Aug 2020How do I read The Economist?πŸ›οΈ soc
Aug 2020The Honduran BridgeπŸš€ tech
Aug 2020Communicating the scientific methodπŸ›οΈ soc
Aug 2020Cognitive fallaciesπŸ’­ phil
Jul 2020Inoue EnryΕπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Jul 2020The Market Competition MatrixπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Statistics, Origins and PeopleπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Parkinson's LawπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Institutional Short-SightednessπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Chronological dating techniquesπŸƒ nat
Jul 2020NarcolepsyπŸƒ nat
Jul 2020Quantum ML ScribeπŸƒ nat
Jul 2020Nostalgia narrativesπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Lights and ShadowsπŸƒ nat
Jul 2020PlatoπŸ’β€β™€οΈ people
Jul 2020An Introduction to Epipolar GeometryπŸ”’ math
Jul 2020Johnny DecimalπŸ’­ phil
Jul 2020Concepts in literature🎭 cult
Jul 2020RL: Tricks of the TradeπŸ”’ math
Jul 2020Code snippetsπŸš€ tech
Jul 2020Real-Life Decision Making SystemsπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Shape of My Heart🎭 cult
Jul 2020Cooking Recipes🎭 cult
Jul 2020World MaterialsπŸ“š ref
Jul 2020Big fat list of Mental ModelsπŸ’­ phil
Jul 2020Inflation TaxπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Concepts from economicsπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Development and Population responseπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Tax FilingπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Information TypesπŸ›οΈ soc
Jul 2020Knowledge Base Organization PhilosophyπŸ’­ phil
Feb 2020Deriving the Cross Entropy MethodπŸ”’ math
Mar 2019The Stein GradientπŸ”’ math
May 2018Policy Gradients in a NutshellπŸ”’ math
Feb 2018When does SGD work well?πŸ”’ math
Dec 2017The beauty of Bayesian LearningπŸ”’ math
Nov 2017PyTorch Data Loaders are abstraction done right!πŸš€ tech
Oct 2017Visualizing the Confusion MatrixπŸ”’ math
Oct 2017The magic of Automatic DifferentiationπŸ”’ math
Jul 2017A Primer on Projective GeometryπŸ”’ math
Jun 2017Introduction to RANSACπŸ”’ math
May 2017Nginx and dynamic DNS upstreamsπŸš€ tech
Apr 2017Choosing the right keysπŸš€ tech
Nov 2016Before the Flood: A reviewπŸ›οΈ soc
Oct 2016Setup custom email addressesπŸš€ tech
Apr 2016Getting started with Compose and WordPressπŸš€ tech
Apr 2016Building Docker Images on Travis CIπŸš€ tech
Feb 2016Microservices is not the solution you thinkπŸš€ tech
Jan 2016For better software deliveryπŸš€ tech
Dec 2015The Ultimate Guide to Building Cloud Applications - DevelopmentπŸš€ tech
Oct 2015The Ultimate Guide to Building Cloud ApplicationsπŸš€ tech

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